Your vehicle is treated with the utmost respect because we value your business. We have state of the art security including video surveillance and alarm protection. All customer vehicles are safely stored in doors. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected before and after leaving us.

We offer a variety of services such as…

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Leather Protection
  • Complete Interior Cleaning
  • Paint Sealants
  • Carnauba Waxes
  • Nano Coatings
  • Paint Protection
  • Glass Coatings
  • Polishing
  • Fabric Protection
  • Scratch Repair
  • Paint Rock Chip Repair
  • Ozone Deodorize
  • Interior Protection
  • Clay Bar
  • Stain Removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Paint Correction
  • Engine Detailing
  • Wet Sanding
  • Complete Exterior Cleaning
  • Custom Detailing
  • Color Sanding
  • Ceramic Coatings

Please take time to read through our detail packages

The Essential Detail

  • Approx. 3 hours required
  • The Essential Package is essential for maintaining your vehicles health, cleanliness and appearance.

    • ▪Tires, rims, and wheel wells degreased.
    • ▪Vehicle is foamed.
    • ▪Exterior hand washed using a 2 bucket system.
    • ▪All mats thoroughly degreased and cleaned.
    • ▪Vehicle is carefully dried by hand and with compressed air.
    • ▪Tires and wheel wells dressed.

    • ▪All garbage removed.
    • ▪Complete interior vacuum.
    • ▪Compressed air used to loosen stubborn dirt.
    • ▪Complete interior wipe down with microfiber cloths.
    • ▪Cup holder areas cleaned.
    • ▪Door jams cleaned.
    • ▪Windows cleaned streak free.

    The Superior Detail

    • Approx. 2 business days required
    • For the absolute best detail cleaning and protection, The Superior Package is truly “superior” to all others. Including everything in The Restorative Package plus the following

      • ▪Paint decontamination.
      • ▪Spot clay bar to remove any stubborn contaminants such as over spray, fallout, tree sap, etc.
      • ▪Single stage polish removing minor swirls and scratches, restoring paint clarity.
      • ▪Sealed and protected with Ceramic Pro Sport®, leaving a deep gloss while protecting your vehicles paint and making it easier to maintain for the next year.
      • ▪Stubborn water spots and stains removed from all the glass.
      • Ceramic Pro Rain® applied to all exterior glass.
      • ▪Exhaust tips cleaned and polished.
      • ▪All chrome trim and badges polished.
      • ▪All exterior plastic and rubber trim dressed and protected.
      • ▪Engine dressed and protected.

      • ▪Deodorize interior using ozone technology.
      • ▪All interior leather conditioned and protected.
      • ▪All interior rubber, vinyl, and plastic conditioned and protected.
      • ▪All interior fabrics protected with Ceramic Pro Textile®.

    The Restorative Detail

    • Approx. 1 business day required
    • The Restorative Package is an extreme and complete deep cleaning inside and out, “restoring” your vehicle back to new.

      • ▪Engine bay, tires, rims, wheel wells, and door jams degreased and cleaned.
      • ▪Vehicle is spray foamed.
      • ▪Complete hand wash using a 2 bucket system.
      • ▪All mats thoroughly degreased, cleaned, and restored.
      • ▪Exterior, engine bay, and door jams dried by hand and compressed air.
      • ▪Exhaust tips polished
      • ▪Tires and wheel wells dressed.
      • ▪Water spots and stains removed from all glass

      • ▪All interior garbage removed.
      • ▪Everything of value is carefully stored and set aside.
      • ▪All stubborn dirt is blown out of areas difficult to reach using compressed air.
      • ▪Every aspect of the interior is thoroughly vacuumed including underneath seats, all compartments and trunk.
      • ▪Using vapor steam, steam clean all interior carpets, seats, leather, seat belts, headliner, all compartments and cup holders, vents, dash, in between seats, gas and brake pedals, steering wheel and cluster, disinfecting audio and temperature controls, sunroof, visors, locks and power option buttons.
      • ▪All windows cleaned streak free for clear visibility.
      • ▪Interior dressed using a water based non-greasy dressing.
      • ▪Interior deodorized removing all unpleasant smells.

    All of our polishing packages include a complete exterior detail, paint decontamination, and tire dressing


    Single stage polish

    Starting at $449
    • Removes minor swirls and scratches
    • Restores paint clarity
    • Enhanced shine and gloss

    2 Stage

    2 stage compound + polish

    Starting at $779
    • Removes heavy swirls and scratches
    • Restores paint clarity and depth
    • Brings back the color
    • Enhanced shine and gloss
    • Unblemished reflection


    Multiple step paint correction

    Starting at $1229
    • Removes all heavy swirls and scratches
    • Restores paint clarity and depth
    • Brings out the color
    • Ultimate shine and gloss
    • Superior reflection
    • Rock chips repaired
    • Deep scratches removed by wet sanding