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We are “The New Standard in Luxury Auto Care” and our motto is “Quality over Quantity“. Our ideals and business model truly set us apart from competition. Our packages are detailed with information yet simple and easy to choose from. We cater to a growing market of working professionals, business owners, car enthusiasts, busy families, who lack the time, skills and knowledge of how to properly maintain their vehicles.

Professional auto detailing using only the best products and equipment available to completely clean and recondition your vehicle inside and out.

Specializing in paint correction to achieve a show car finish, then using ceramic nano coatings to protect them for many years.
Besides the fact that your vehicle will look stunning, there are very practical reasons to have us detail your car.
It’s very convenient and will save you large amounts of time and money while ensuring the absolute best results possible from our experts. Knowing your paint and interior are protected and preserved saving you costly repairs in the future, is great peace of mind.

It also increases the re-sale value.

You get a great feeling driving your vehicle after it’s been detailed. It’s like getting your hair cut, having a great workout, putting on a new suit or taking a fresh shower. The confidence of knowing you look and feel your best, sometimes is that extra edge that will take you farther in life. All while protecting your investment!

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